Clear resine

Hello everyone!

We´ve just adquire the CLEAR RESIN to print our prototypes. We have just printed a few pieces and i´ve found some problems:

  • One of the pieces had cracks after the post processing, my colleagues have told me that the pieces didn´t drop or anything similar. So its not due to a physical damage after the post processing.

  • is this a fragile material? One of the pieces fell and was completely broke.

  • How do you quit the imperfections of the stands?

Thank you very much for your time and help!

Hello @IMOPAC ,

Thanks for reaching out about our Clear resin! I would make sure that you are following the post-processing steps exactly as laid out for Clear to get the best possible part and to prevent warping or cracking. If those issues persist, then please do reach out to our Support Team and they can help you troubleshoot more in-depth.

Although Clear resin in not considered a fragile resin, depending on the size, weight, and geometry of the part, some of our resins could definitely shatter on impact of a hard surface from drops. We have a great resin called Tough 1500 that I personally use for desktop miniatures for drop and impact resistance; although it is not optically clear, this could be a good resin to use if impact-resistance is a big concern.

As for removing support marks, we do have some articles on our Support site for how to best remove and sand them down; for Clear, a lot of folks use a clear-coat spray afterwards to help hide the scuff marks from sanding.

Hello Corey,

First of all, thank you very much for your answer
Secondly, yes, we are following the indications of FormLabs for our resine.
I will consider the option of the Tough 1500 for the next purchases, if it really resists de impacts o this kind of damage, it would be perfect.
And thank you for the link to the recommendatios to remove the support marks, I will take a look and use de advices for upcoming printings.

Thank you very much!

Hello @IMOPAC ,

I am happy to help! I would definitely take the time to reach out to Support with some photos of the separation as well as providing .form files when possible so that we can check for any possible orientation issues that could lead to warping/splitting. You will be in very good hands!

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I found over washing with IPA will make the part brittle, and it will crack easily.

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I think Durable is more impact-resistant that Tough 1500. It’s a bit more flexible/shock-absorbing after curing. Tough 1500 is stiffer. But no resin is really “bullet proof”. They’re all more brittle than a thermoplastic equivalent.

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We wash the pieces only for 10 minutes, this is the time that formlabs suggest for the clear resine

Thank you Randy!

I will consider Durable resine as another option for our next purchase. At this moment we have only used two resines, Tough 2000 and Clear. The first one is a pretty good resine but it is too acid, due to this, we had some problems with the tank. The second one, as you already know, is the one we are using at this time, as the first one, it is an optimum resine for our requirements but we are facing the problems that I have already said in my first post.

I have been using my printer to make parts for drone racing. You tend to crash a lot when racing drones. Sometimes at very high speeds. So I have been trying different resins to see if I can find one with strong impact resistance. Durable has been the best, so far. And when I print a part in Durable, I do not fully cure it before I paint it, so the resin stays a little “green” and remains more flexible.

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That’s a great idea to leave it partially in green state; our guidelines for post-curing are just to get to the specified material properties listed on our site, and oftentimes undercuring (or not curing) certain resins can prove beneficial. I also love the shark head on the printed part!

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Originally, the video system I’m using was being marketed by a company called “Fatshark”, and the shark head is their logo. Subsequently, Fatshark decided to develop their own system and the original manufacturer decided to market their product themselves. So I had to change to “HD Zero” on my newer iterations of the design… The logo isn’t as interesting. :slight_smile:

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Hello Randy!

Thank you for your answer. The application that you give to your pieces is such a good one for what I´m trying to solve, so for me it´s very interesting. As I said on previous answers I will highly consider to buy the Durable resine in future purchases.

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