Variable Z Resolution on Same Part

Most parts have detailed areas and non detailed areas. It would be nice to specify z axis resolution for different print layers. This could significantly speed up a lot of prints and given better detail to the areas that require it. This is similar to another request someone made for having the initial base and support material print at a lower resolution than the rest of model. I second that motion but would also like an advanced setting where I can specify z resolution for different layers.

Just a simple software and firmware change right?! :stuck_out_tongue:

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good to keep poking, but this and close variants have been requested so many different times that I can’t count them all.

apparently they won’t do it for some unknown reason they are not sharing.


It is true that this has been requested many times.
I am sure they have looked and are working on this because it is an important feature.
Like anything new, things have to be tested in small prints and large prints.
It takes lots of time to test and adjust to make things work right.
Another thing that comes into play is patents and copy rights, this takes some time.

As an example, castable resin. The new castable resin (02) has recently been released and I can say that it
is much, much better than the 01. It did not come overnight.

Hang in there.
We will get it.

yeah my original search was pretty poor I guess. i see them now. hopefully it gets done.

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