Can we partially select the printing resolution?


I am just wondering that can we partially choose different printing resolutions in a single model.
My mode,lt is kind of big and it takes around 7 hours to print. However, there is some structure that i want it to be very fine printed and some other, high resolution is not that necessary. So if we can selectively determine the resolution of each area, it would be effective and sufficient. Am i right?

Thank you in advance


This is not currently a feature but it has been said by Formlabs employees on the forums that they are working on implementing a similar capability. No idea if it’l see the light of day or when.

Hello there! As has previously been stated, there’s no way to do what you’re talking about at this time.

That being said, it’s worth remembering that even for very small details, the largest layer height is often still your best bet. The only time the smallest layer height(25 microns) is necessary is for objects that you want a very smooth finish on. Counter-intuitively small details usually print best at 100 microns when using our standard resins.

I would personally not use a selective Z resolution feature to resolve small details, I would rather use it when my model has flat (or almost flat) areas that are almost parallel to the build platform (<5°) in order to avoid the “aliasing” effect we get in these case. We can’t always avoid having areas that are parallel to the BP, especially with complex parts or simply because of packing/time constrains forcing me to orient a certain way.

We were told you guys were even looking into some kind of automatic adaptive Z resolution, is that still being worked on ? The printer is already capable of this since the raft is always printed at 100um, even if the model isn’t.

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