Layer height windows

I’d like to print 100 micron for low detail portions and 25 micron for high detail portions.

I have a part that prints very well at 100 micron except it has a logo which prints very well at 25 micron.


This feature has been suggested many times before. IIRC, FL has replied but no definite answers as to if/when this will be available. They recently added the ability to print the rafts @ 100 microns and the actual item at 25 or 50, so the ability is there. See the note below from @Frew a few months ago and the corresponding post.

It can be possible to print certain layers at a different thickness but it can’t do any more than change whole layer thicknesses.

That’s exactly right.

Let’s say you’re printing a wizard upright. Shoes at 50 micron, robe at 100 micron, face at 25 micron, hat at 100 micron.