Print supports and rafts at lower resolution for speed


There is no need to print rafts and the initial supports at say 25 microns. It would be good if the first layers (untill the model starts printing) could be printed in larger layers thcikness.

So essentially the printer starts printing in a low quality draft mode or quick print mode - (If this worked properly I would imagine this could almost become default as I cant see any need to ever print low micron rafts.)

This would knock a significant percentage of time off a small micron print where the supports and raft can sometimes be half the build time.


Nice idea! I definitely second that request - would also be useful for “normal” 100µm prints, since there is a 140µm draft mode for many resins now…

There’s a possibility that you would end up with a line on the print where it changes resolution

Yes, I`m sure there would be… But that shift in quality needs to happen on the supports before the model begins printing.

I am assuming preform knows or can be programmed to know when the model starts = it would switch from low quality before the model starts to print to avoid distorting the model.

The time saved could be very significant. Small parts are sometimes 50% raft and support.

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