Use different settings for different parts

Hi, I would like to be able to use different settings for different parts. this will help alot with open-mode material testing as well as print high res parts with low res parts.
in addition to that, it would be nice to be able to use different layer thickness at pre-set heights

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I’ll second that! I recently started employing multiple layer heights on my filament printer and I can see the significant potential in varying the time/detail ratio throughout a print. Heck, if I’m not mistaken, FL does a bit of that already, printing supports at 100um layers until it gets up to the first layer of the print?

That said, I’ve noted that switching resolutions even in the same resin causes Preform to redo the supports. Would that prevent switching resolutions during a print, at least while still printing supports?

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The “per layer resolution setting” point has been discussed several times already and Frew answered :

It’s good to bring it forward again though as it shows the interest. Frew also mentioned that they were working in automatic Z resolution depending on the types of geometries that the part features within a specific layer range, which is also something that might be insanely useful.

As for using different laser settings for different parts on the same print (I’m assuming that’s what you meant ?) I think you’ll have to wait for a proper open mode for the Form2 (also assuming you’re using a Form2) before talking about this.

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It depends on what you want to do, you could adjust a set of layers to a different resolution but you wouldn’t be able to print two separate components at different layer resolutions at the same height

In the meantime I thought of one big reason why this would be far more problematic than with FDM printing. Variable layer heights normally depend on the printed object being perpendicular to the print bed. Unless a more dependable/less distortive way is found to print directly on the Formlabs bed, the normal orientation of prints is rarely if ever perpendicular to anything.