UV curing box / attention-free post-print curing

hey there Christopher,

i have this philips UV rods so i just wanted you advise that it will work ?
any suggestions for this UV rod ?

it’s like 11 watts and i have two of them with me right now and i am going to use it so guide me about it please


I would just hook them up in a cardboard box and put some liquid resin on a plastic sheet in there and let it rip! time how long it takes to harden. the actual box can be anything really.

I made a UV curing box with similar design language as my Form 1. I used MDF, solar powered turntable, orange acrylic, car windshield sun shade, and electronic components from etsy.

(PCB UV Exposure Box 6 X 4 | Etsy UK)

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Absolutely beautiful! I enjoy the side seam immensely! AND the guillotine door is awesome too.

Really excellent design and craftsmanship. Very, very nice job.

Daniel, Brillant work! I am not as crafty as you; but I would love to buy a box from you if you would be willing to make me one. Please email me at jamesadavisjrdmd@gmail.com and lets discuss it.
Looking forward to hearing from you,