USPS shipping, PLEASE!

For the love of all that is sacred and holy… USPS shipping option. Priority mail takes about a week to arrive, AT MOST. It automatically includes tracking. Two liters of resin can be put into a large flat-rate shipping box (that’s about $15-$20, with tracking AND insurance). Did I mention that priority shipping boxes are free? It’s really convenient.

I’m in Puerto Rico, where FedEx, UPS and DHL regularly gouge shipping costs.

Shipping for one resin tank to Puerto Rico is $63.

If I try to ‘save’ on shipping and order multiple tanks, two tanks are $76 in shipping, three is $84, four is $96.

For comparison, same order to the states (Minnesota, I used to live there and still have the zip-code handy)…
Ground Delivery:
One tank, $8.76
Two tanks, $12.39
Three tanks, $12.39
Four tanks, $12.39

Two Day:
One tank, $44.43
Two tanks, $55.70
Three tanks. $63.18
Four tanks, $71.81

One tank to Puerto Rico STARTS at the three tank mark of the two day shipping. I’m feeling more than a little jipped here. Since I’ve accidentally torn the silicon layer at the bottom of my tank, I can’t really do much other than pay MORE in shipping than the tank itself costs to get a new one…

It’s not like Formlabs hasn’t used USPS. I recently upgraded my Form1 to a Form1+ and the new unit arrived via USPS Priority mail. They probably went that route because it was the most economical, imagine that. I will openly admit, the reason I try not to have to make purchases through formlabs is BECAUSE of the crazy high shipping costs, and have located a third party resin that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to keep in stock. Granted, not like that’s going to do me ANY good since I apparently can’t keep a tank intact.

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I only use USPS for all shipping in my company. I ship Worldwide and it’s the most convenient and cost effective. I use and the post office picks up at the door. can’t beat that. Ship approx. 1,000 pieces a year.

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these tanks are not rocket science. get a local plexiglas manufacturer to make you some, and pour your own PDMS layer.

@Christopher, They may not be rocket science, but from years of experience I’ve learned to not trust anything manufactured locally. In my area a lack-a-daisy and inefficient work ethic and corner cutting is frustratingly prevalent. Combine that with how difficult some arbitrarily stupid things are to acquire… I’m not going to risk my printer with a potentially shoddy resin tray.

I’d rather give the $58 to Formlabs for that tray. My gripe is with shipping costs.

I kind of fail to understand why they don’t offer USPS Priority as a shipping option. It’s more cost effective for international deliveries. Besides, my printer arrived via USPS Priority, so I know they are not opposed to using the service. ^.~

next option: Move! :smile:

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