More shipping options?

Will it be possible to get more shipping options on resin? Being in Puerto Rico I tend to get the short end of the stick in the shipping department all the time. USPS Priority Mail would be a nice option; since I know that two liters of resin can fit in a large flat-rate mailing box which is about $15 versus the $41 I’m being quoted on the website for UPS ground (for just ONE bottle. two bottles costs $82 in shipping).

Parcel post (via USPS) is also a good option for people who are REALLY patient. It takes about a month, but is super cheap.

As it stands, it looks like for the time being, I’m going to be shipping my resin to friends stateside and they will re-ship to me. It’ll take longer, but at least this way I’ll be spending about $40 total shipping (after literally paying shipping twice, one UPS and one USPS) on shipping two liters instead of the $82. ^.~

I would also like USPS as a shipping option. Shipping for one bottle of resin via FedEx Ground to Hawaii is $40.60. With a new resin tray the shipping becomes $78.25. I’ve had larger, heavier packages shipped from Japan that cost less to ship, with insurance and tracking.

On top of being expensive, FedEx has been giving me EXTREMELY unsatisfactory delivery service. They left my recent printer shipment in my empty garage, which faces a busy main road, without making any attempts to contact anyone on the property (we even had a theft of items from inside one of the cars in the garage that same morning). They completely ignored the “this end up” logos on the box on two occasions. They’ve even thrown other packages over my patio railing, again without attempting to contact anyone on the property.

I’ve rarely had problems with USPS, and though the tracking is much less detailed, it works. Plus, saving on shipping would mean I could buy more from the store.

I have had few positive and many negative experiences with FedEX. I picked UPS as a shipping option and the package still shipped FedEx. There needs to be options for multiple carriers as well as different shipping options. From time to time I would like to be able to overnight my order or second, third day orders based on my needs. Having to wait for orders from California to Massachusetts is painful when I need to get something done. The USPS would be a nice option as well.

I can’t stand FedEx they cost too much, don’t follow written instructions, they never ever knock on my door, and don’t leave packages in decent location, and they’re always late. And it’s been like that everywhere I’ve lived. UPS or USPS, either would be better!

It cost $15.34 to ship one bottle of resin via FedEx, it took them a week and it came from Ohio only a couple hours away. The tracking info said being delivered today before 10AM for days before it was one afternoon. When it finally arrived the guy didn’t knock or leave it by inside door as it said to if no-one answered, he left it outside on the front porch of the apartment building and would have been stolen if it would have been there long at all. Same old FedEx BS! I sent complaints and just got a reply a month later that just said to call the 1-800 number again. So again anyone but FedEx!