REALLY want USPS as a shipping option

Seriously. I just got charged over $100 on shipping an order to Puerto Rico.

USPS flat-rate shipping boxes are the best! One liter of resin can fit into a Medium Flat-Rate box, that ships anywhere in the USA for about $10-$12. Two Liters of resin can fit into a Large Flat-Rate box, that one ships anywhere in the USA for about $15-$18. The boxes themselves are free from USPS.

I can assure you, I would be making much more frequent purchases if USPS became a shipping option.  ^.~

Yow! That is expensive.

I have to agree to this shipping option for even here in the States. Considering the cost of the consumables, I wouldn’t mind saving some money and waiting a few extra days for items to arrive.


wow, you are lucky if thats all they hit you with. I got told three hundred for the cheap option… only to be charged $570 shipping because it turned out that shipping method wasnt available. Then got slugged a further $70 AFTER consolidation ($120 before) to add 3 bottles of resin and a spare build platform.

To add insult to injury, I still havent gotten my printer, and people ordering now are being charged much less…

current cost to my location would be $392 …


I paid $250 printer alone and $270 with 3 extra bottle of resin.

A bottle of resin to my location is $39

And I do live in United states.

The order that I’d made was for 2 resin tanks and 1 liter resin. Grand total shipping through UPS to PR was $107. Because I’ve friends in the states that volunteered in the past to ‘çatch’ shipments for me, like if a place flat out won’t sell to Puerto Rico… I checked with their addresses to see what the price difference was. If I’m remembering correctly, the cost to a place in the states (for the same exact order) was about $48.

Only reason I didn’t ship to my friends and then have them ship to me is that by the time everything was said and done, the cost would have been about comparable and I’d have waited loads longer to get the new package. ^.~

Granted, I’d only  advise for things like print-platforms, resin tanks and the resin liters to be shipped by USPS. They are a wee bit ‘abusive’ with their boxes on occasion. Since the consumables don’t really have any moving parts, they aren’t as likely to get mauled by the system. Then again, that is what insurance is for.

I also know that there is an international flat-rate through USPS, but not quite sure on what those prices are. Something tells me, though, that they should be competitive with the UPS and FedEx rates.

@ jasmin chappell  I suggest you write into Formlabs support I had a similar issue with shipping costs for both the Form1 and additional resin and got a refund/discount code from Formlabs to the value of the difference.

Yes I really would appreciate a flat rate USPS Priority box option to Hawaii - Shipping for each item seems to add $50 to the shipping regardless of what the item is… This is ridiculous!!

Aloha from Hawaii