User Calibration

It would be quite nice to have a calibration option, im noticing my builds are coming out not matching the 3D model on my screen, they are slightly squashed.

So to have a special platform that the laser projects onto telling you whether its aligned or not would be quite handy and simply user control to allow you line the laser up on the platform so that you know its building square and true.



What do you mean by ‘slightly squashed’? If you can provide some pictures, that may be helpful to get a sense of what you’re referring to. The calibration for the Form 1 is fairly complex and takes place in the factory, with a variety of specialized procedures. If you’re seeing real inaccuracies in your print, there may be something else amiss. You may want to reach out to our support team at, and they can run some standard test prints by you.

The photos attached are meant to be of a 20 x 20 cube and as you can see its slightly out. not by much i know but enough to cause a pain in parts that need to be precise for molding.

I currently have an Envisiontec prefactory machine which i know is a different system and a lot more in the price but it has calibration so that you know the projector is focus and true.

Something similar for the laser  i was thinking?

I’ve noticed that too. Mostly when you get away from the center of the build platform. A calibration utility with a test print file would be most welcome. I don’t know if this would be possible, but we would print the file, do the measurements of the result at various corners of the build platform, enter the new data into the calibration utility and the printer would adjust the galvos to compensate.

i was thinking more of a special platform that you run calibration on, like when you used to have to calibrate the old touch screen pocket computers when you at to touch each cross in the corners and center. then if there off line them up by nudging the laser somehow within the form software

The suggestions are definitely appreciated and accuracy improvement is something we are actively working on.

Stay tuned!