Use tank with other resin trype

I have been printing with white resin in a tank but i needed to return the cartridge to formlabs because the resin was bad. They sent me a clear resin to replace the bad resin.

  1. can i use the 250ml left of white resin in tank ? I think i need to use it in open mode because i dont have white cartridge anymore.

  2. When im done with the 250ml of white resin, Can i clean the tank with Ipa and use clean resin with it ?

  1. If the resin was not OK, why use it?
  2. You can clean the tank and reuse it with any resin, BUT DO NOT USE IPA. It will cause cracks and you will be in trouble. Just clean it with paper the best you can. Usually, I carefully use the spatula to take most of the resin out and then clean the rest with paper towel. Careful not to contaminate the down side of the optical window. When you change resin on a previous used tank, the printer will throw an error, but you can ignore it and start printing normally.


1 i can sand the prints
2 ok, but will the machine let me use a tank that was used with white resin with another resin? Not in open mode

It will, and without open mode. Just ignore the error, and press continue or ignore. I don’t remember exactly what is displayed!


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Yes if you don’t have a white resin cartridge you will need to use open mode. There is another solution, which consists of using any other cartridge and reprogramming the chip, there is a thread in the forums here explaining how to do it, but it’s completely overkill to do this just to use 150ml out of the ~200 that are left in the tank.

Great, so:

For the left 250ml in tank i should use open mode, maybe only a few print because i cant print if the resin tank has less than 250ml

For the new tough cartridge i want to use with that used tank, i should clean the tank and then press ignore for the formlabs advice. This should be in open mode too?

I didnt read CPINTO response. Point 2 is solved

Adding on to @ClaudioPin’s comment, the easiest way to clean the tank tends to be to remove as much resin as you can with the included spatula. From there, you can use a paper towel to remove resin from the orange acrylic, but I’d recommend against using a towel on the clear PDMS as that might leave behind residue which could cause issue.

You can use the tank if it has less than 250ml of resin in it, it depends on the size of the part you have to print.

I’ve always used around 95% Pure IPA, Clean and unused, minimize exposure time and haven’t ever had a degradation of the vats.
Use nitrile gloves and just your fingers to gently clean the surface being careful not to scrape the surface.

The black gloves that came with the finishing kit?

Those would work - I ran out of those and just use generic Blue Nitrile gloves now

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