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US Purchasing source for 91+% Isopropyl Alcohol for Form Wash/Post-processing prints

Where can one purchase 91+ Isopropyl alcohol? The pandemic seems to have removed it from every shelf in the USA. Tell me where you guys are hiding it all :slight_smile:


Bonus: I’m VERY open to alternate cleaning processes if someone has a good one they want to walk me thru.

I have:
Form Wash
Ultrasonic cleaners
Yellow Magic 7

My supplier is familiar with 3D dental printing and has always had a supply . They have been very dependable.

I have used a few suppliers, but the latest one is this company: works well.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Went with - best price and was 91% Isopropyl alcohol.

This doesn’t make sense. You need 91% or higher and you are already beginning at 91%. You should be getting 99%.

I’ve been using 91% since I got my Form1+ in 2015. It works great. And is easier to get ahold of than 99%. Cheaper, too.

I second @rybu. 4 gallon jugs of 99% IPA from Uline is delivered fast and gets a wash station filled with extra for top-offs. Flalab does seem to have a lower price on 99% though. I may switch suppliers!

FlaLab shipped to me pretty quickly and promptly resolved the one problem I had with an order.