UPS for Form2 for power outages

I’m looking for any information regarding power usage of the Form2 and what it would take to keep one running for 24-48 hours in the case of a power outage. Any ideas?

A generator and a few gallons of fuel. Most UPS systems don’t last anywhere near that long. Typical household ones last like 4.5-12 minutes at 75% load. Lookup the wattage of the Form 2, add 100watts to it and find a UPS that meets that, but with a giant battery and price tag.

Peak power is 65Watt. So for 24hours you need to have 1560Whr. That’s a reasonably expensive UPS.

With full electric cars becoming mainstream, you can get hold of refurbished car batteries already and make a high capacity UPS on the ‘cheap’. :slight_smile:

Some pretty good calculations by @Randy_Cohen in this thread. FWIW the UPS I linked to in the linked thread lasts me roughly 30 mins.

awesome discussion sad the thread ended, but got some good information. On the fence about what I want to scoop. We don’t have outages that much or for that long but it would be just my luck I get caught one day on a long print with my pants down.

Basically you need a battery, some UPC companies offer add on aditional battery storage. but these sytems are expensive.

I think geting a high capacity battery is the easy part ( you could use an electric bike battery) But unless you are knowledgeable with electronics, getting it set up to switch to the battery and making sure youre supplying the right power to the machine is the hard part.

I would like to set an exsisting UPC that I could hook up an external battery to. but I have only looked into briefly so far.

As long as using a matching voltage battery, 12v common, wiring in the battery should be the only part to it. My understanding is that only changing the battery just increases capacity and the UPS still takes care of conversions and triggering. You will ultimately end up with a giant battery or series of batteries sitting next to the UPS.


so who wants to take the first dive into this :eyes:

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