Backup power source

I just got a little reminder that I need to get a backup power source for my Form 2 - occasionally we get little power flickers that go off just long enough to mess up the digital clocks throughout the entire house, as well as reboot a computer, and fortunately I didn’t have a print going this time! Do you have a battery backup, what does Formlabs recommend, I’d appreciate some suggestions, thanks.

Yes, I just bought one at Fry Electronics. A CyberPower 1500 VA with 890 Joules surge protection. It is supposed to last 450 minutes but at what power level I’m not sure. As the Form 2 only draws 64 watts I think it will suffice for a few hours. Mine cost $139.99 not on sale.

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I have this one between my printer and power source. It has saved 2 prints for me now as we also get semi-frequent power outages/flickers. Looks like it may be the same one @Walter_Gillespie has. Highly recommended.

Yes, Kevin, looks like the same unit or very close to the same. Well worth the price.

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Much appreciated, I had the problem happen with my old fdm printer, and that was a pain in the butt, but losing a print here gets a bit pricey!

Oh, and Kevin, we previously talked about high temp resin for injection molds. I made a test mold and it injected okay, but due to the resin cost, the brittleness, and the wear on the print tray, and concern that it could break under injection pressure, I’m going to test printing a set of patterns .060" thick with .25" vertical faces extruded downward to glue on mold box sides so I can pour aluminum epoxy directly against my patterns. If it works, it’ll save on print trays, materials, and give me stronger molds.

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A CyberPower 1500 VA

Well, if I’m looking at the right one, that UPS will sustain a maximum output of 900W for 5 minutes. So it’s a 900/12=75W-Hour battery. So if the Form2 draws 64W your UPS will power it for about 1 hour 10 minutes.

If you just need some “ride through” for a power dropout, this will be fine. If you need to have a print complete even with no power, you need something quite a big bigger than this UPS…

Well, the box has big red lettering saying 450 minutes.

According to a chart on their website Randy’s estimate is roughly correct. Indicates roughly 129 mins at 50 watts (which is probably optimistic). You might get 450 mins if it were powering only a small desk fan, or nothing at all.

In my case several mins to 10’s of minutes is all I need for my all to frequent, but short power outages. (on avg a few per month)

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yeah ironically I have the same ups and its 450 min for a dvr lol
thats what it said on the box

If it’s only 75WH, which it seems is an accurate guess, 450 minutes run time is 7.5 Hours.

So for 7.5H run time it can support a maximum 10W load (if I did my math right). You could run your DVR but not your TV.

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as long as it keeps a print going long enough to pause it, or especially allow it to finish, I’m good with that, thanks for the help folks!

Resurrecting an old thread - but I had an interesting situation happen today. Our office had two short flickers, within 5 seconds of each other. I ran to check the printers; our FDM had stopped, but the Form 2 was unaffected. This made me wonder if it the nature of the Form’s design makes it a little more resilient to short power interruptions.

It could have bigger condensers hehe