Back Up Battery for power outages

I lost power due to the weather half way through a 16 hour print. Once the power came back on job was completely lost. It would be great to have a software update that recognizes power outages or a backup battery so resin and print time is not wasted.

I had the same thing happen to me a while back. To my feeble brain, it doesn’t seem that difficult to resume a job as long as everything is being continuously logged to the dashboard and the printer is able to “pause” at a stopping point. Maybe the printer could be fitted with a 10 min battery backup? If it detects it lost power, it could finish the current layer and then go into a sleep mode, resume-able when the power is back.

Wishful thinking I’m sure. In the mean time I have a Cyberpower UPS connected to my printer. It’s display says It will power my printer for up to 2 hours, either giving it time to finish or time for me to pause it.

Ha, ha, I was crafting a reply to this post to say something about adding an external backup to your printer, when the power went out at my house because a contractor’s generator kicked in. We just lost about an hour of a 5 hour build. I did go onto the Dashboard and log the build as a Failure, and gave an explanation. I noticed that Formlabs doesn’t have a Type of Error listed that this fits into. I selected “There Is Something Wrong With The Printer”. And described the problem as brief power failure.

A memory backup that would enable a “Resume Build” would be great. Until then I think I’ll get a UPS.


Consumer UPS units are so cheap now it would be good insurance to get one for a long build. I’ve seen them as low as $60 for one that could probably run the form for at least a few hours. Check out Newegg as they often have daily deals on them.


I agree with ADK, this is not really something that should be added to the printer itself. It’ll increase costs, weight, and size drastically. UPS’s are dirt cheap. You can even get free ones. Go to any batteries plus and ask for one of the one brought in to be recycled. All they ever need is a new battery, buy it yourself and you’ve got a brand new UPS for the cost of the battery.


I 2nd that… All FIVE units I have I got for free. All but the two rackmount APC units just needed new batteries. The 2 rackmount untits had gotten hit by lightening and a $30 used board on ebay got them up and running. Well worth the investment to save a long print. An independent battery shop like interstate or midstate batteries usually have “blemished” batteries or factory 2nds that are functionally fine, but may have scuffs on the case. You can pick those up for 1/3-1/2 of full price.


Cool! I will check that out! thank you