Power outage

This morning I was about 4 hours into an 8 hour print and the power flickered off and on within a second. Well that’s all it took to reset the printer and it lost the model it was printing. I think this is a design flaw. There should be a small backup battery or something for when the power flickers like that to not lose the model in the memory of the printer. I guess I will have to go buy a UPS or something to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

I think your best bet is buying a UPS.  Not only will it keep your printer printing (as long as the battery lasts) but it will also keep it from getting fried from a power spike.

I was just going to make the same suggestion, I purchased an APC Back-UPS Pro 1500 for my system, I haven’t had a power outage to see how or if my Form 1 is affected but have for my computer & it worked great for that. I’d rather not have to find out but feel better knowing it’s there!

I agree with the others.  It would be nice if it could “gracefully stop” and know where to start when power came back on, but expecting UPS functionality built in is not reasonable.

Get a small UPS and call it done.  I suspect the printer sips power - a small UPS could likely tide it over for more than 8 hours.

Well yaI don’t expect UPS functionality but it would be nice if there was a small charge built up inside to keep the memory chip powered  in the event of a quick power flicker.

I agree with other’s suggestions about purchasing a UPS.  Companies make and sell UPS’s specifically because most electronic equipment does not come with built in safety features.  It would be unusual for a company to dedicate design time, space and circuitry for any product.  It is up to the user to determine how important the machine and/or print is and then purchase a UPS accordingly.