Is it possible to use UPS? If yes, what is your recommendations?


I want to ask it is possible to use UPS to prevent the breaking of printing when electricity turns off/on for a few minutes? Is anyone have experience with that? What kind of UPS recommended? I have a Form 3 printer.

Last time I printed around 7 hours and then the electricity turn off/on just for 1 second…
And everything failed :frowning:

Thank you!

Not only possible but HIGHLY recommended for any kind of equipment that shouldn’t fail.
You need to check how many watts your printer takes (at maximum) and then choose an UPS that can handle more than that. Keep in mind that VA is not WATT.

For example, I’m protecting 2 x Form 3 with a simple 510W (850VA) UPS because each printer needs 220W.
For the 3L I’m using a 900W (1000VA) UPS because that one needs 650W.

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Thank you! Definitely purchase it!

A small UPS is only good for “ride through”, short interruptions in the power. Most print jobs take many, many hours. I think mine average 5 or 6 and they tend to be smaller prints. If the printer draws 220W, and you want enough power reserve to do an entire print, assuming the print will take 10 hours, you need a 2200Wh UPS.

Few UPS manufacturers publish this information. Sometimes you can figure it out by looking at the battery details. But it can be derived from the UPS’s VA rating and the published “full load run time”. VA0.9 (because no UPS is 100% efficient) = Watts at max load. Convert the UPS’s published run time in to an hour based fractional value. For example, 20 minutes is 0.3333 hours. A UPS that would run for an hour and 15 minutes is 1.25. Multiply the Watts at max load by the hour-fractional run time value. That’s the WattHour capacity of the UPS. Then, since the printer pulls 220W, just divide the WattHour capacity of the UPS by 220 and that’s how long the printer will run with that UPS.

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