Update On-Machine Job with Actual Print Time

After a job prints, it would be nice if the estimated print time that is shown on the machine could be updated to use the actual print time. This way, re-running a job from the machine would show a more accurate time estimate, which I have found can vary pretty dramatically on long prints.

I just finished a job where the estimate was off by several hours (took about 25% longer than estimated) Since I know it will be used again at some point, but likely not for a while, having the information stored right in the job would be far more handy than having to look it up in dashboard history or an external log book.


Oh man I really hope they fix the estimated print time sometime soon. It’s pretty frustrating when it is off by several hours. In an R&D environment where we are printing constantly, it makes it really challenging to plan out your prints.

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Same here. Our Form2 is used for R&D as well as for production (some internal parts in our products, lots of production jig/fixtures/adapters and so on). I tried using a time planing tool to manage print queues but with print times being so unreliable I have resorted to a good old "1 to 2 days, or when it’s done),

While that would be great, I’m not even looking for something that complicated. I just want the on-machine stored print time to get updated from estimated to actual after the job finishes printing.

We do prototype printing for clients and the printing time is a major factor of our quote calculations. We have also found serious discrepancies between calculated and actual print times. Here are some of our recent results

We have also sent this data to the agents in South Africa. Hopefully Formlabs can get to the bottom of this and issue a fix to the software.