Uniform "Stepping" across the part

Today after some more failed attempts at printing Nylon 12 GF we did discover and confirm where these “uniform” steps are coming from across the part. (pics attached)

We realized after Aborting another print and opening the Fuse 1, that the Roller is obviously not centered on its bore as it is leaving a uniform stepped pattern across the X axis with every layer.

This is why we were seeing these steps along one side of the print versus the others. It is leaving these steps on any face of a part facing both sides of the X axis.

On the next Aborted print attempt today, we will get a better photo of this in the actual chamber.

It is uniform…seems mild but could this also be an issue with the failed attempts at printing Nylon 12 GF…no idea…TBD

After another Aborted print due to the Fuse 1 not being able to print Nylon 12 GF, you can kind of see this “stepping” pattern across the X axis that the roller is creating.

Example Video


I know I already commented on your other post but wanted to make sure I am not leaving any threads unreplied to; the best bet would be to reach out to our dedicated Fuse Support Team for them to review the photos and logs for your printer and help take care of the stepping issue.

This is already ongoing with support but I feel an open discussion is beneficial not only to us, but others who are looking into this platform and/or dealing with issues. Support can only do so much and replace so many parts…before the platform itself and these issues are addressed.

The community may help free up support questions for others…if they are resolvable


Totally understood, I just wanted to make sure that this was on our radar as well! I am hopeful that the community may have some helpful input as well.

Just n update on this

This obvious "stepping in the surface of the part was fixed or at least minimized with a replacement chamber. It is still there…but not as bad.