Uneven and rough on side with supports

Please see attached image which is a housing for some bearings.

I noticed that the side away from the supports (on the left) are always smooth and accurate per geometry of the model, but the side facing the supports (on the right) are rough and somewhat misshaped.

This is happening consistently. I tried orienting in different ways. It seems to be worse when the flat side is parallel to the resin tank floor.

Any thoughts?

Yeah, making it parallel to the build plate makes it much worse. I always print these kind of things with a very small angle upwards. This costs the most amount of layers and print time, but this way I hardly need any supports, just a few strategic ones and all walls come out perfectly.

There will always be a loss in detail and accuracy on the bottom, but it can help to orient things in a way that it uses the least number of supports.

I would also play around with reducing the number of supports. I’ve printed parts about half that size with a single support, assuming it’s as small as it looks (5mm?).

Thanks everyone. It sounds like the culprit is the supports and the solution is to have as few of them as possible. I will give that a try. @b_sullivan, Yes, the width is around 5mm.

I have read that the flatest angle is 19 deg from the base up.

You should check out the new video on our support pages about model orientation! Our video on support structures is a great watch as well.