Uncured resin, stickiness and supports fusing

Hey guys,

I am quite new to 3D Printing and I’m experiencing some issues with my prints. I cannot figure out what is causing it but I suspect it is uncured resin. I have what appears to be three separate problems however, they could well be caused by the same issue.

  1. When I am cracking the resin mold I am finding that the silicon has almost fused to the mould itself. Which can lead to huge chunks out of silicon being torn out or simply not being able to do anything with it.

  2. Uncured resin is causing the base of the mold to be incredibly sticky, and even form a thick layer inside the mould itself.

  3. The supports from the base up to the mold can become one solid block. Which is extremely hard, if not impossible to crack.

I am using a Form 2 printer, then I put the moulds into a 2-Propanol Form Wash after a quick injection of 2-Propanol through the Injection Module, then into the Form Curer. I only seem to have the severe stickiness issue with 25 shore silicon.

Any help would be hugely appreciated. Many thanks, Josh

I had the same issue with a printed mold sticking to the injected silicone. Quick fix was to spray a thin clear coat of Acrylic Coating Spray. No sticking after that.

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