Tweeting Form 1?

I think it would be really awesome if the Form 1 or the Form 1 software could send you a tweet or text message when a print was complete.

How about dismissible dialog in preform that slides in after clicking form. Tweet, facebook, etc. yoiur part and it posts a screenshot of the software. Also should be able to dismiss it forever if you hate social media.

I second having it be able to tweet or just send an email when the print it done.  This would be great for managing a remote printer, or a farm of printers.

Build in a webcam so it can email you a photo of the part once its finished printing!

Could the Form 1 also manage to be the world’s first social printer? I think that is a neat idea.

Tucker, I had not even thought about printer farm management. This would allow for some very cool print efficiency

Tweet/facebook option would be great,

Tweet in an empty resin tank too would be good!