Running without GUI / (from command line)

My Printer is standing in a different room. A room, where there is already a server but no other computer.

Setting up a virtual machine with Windows7 in it was no issue. But sadly, the preform software won’t run without OpenGL 2.1 support.

I can prepare a .form file with all support and orientation stuff on my desktop.
Would it be possible to just load that file and send it to the printer from command line on the computer close to the printer? I really don’t need to see the model again on that computer!

So either a tool that does “just” the slicing and download part without a gui or a possibility to run the existing preform software without the need for OpenGL would be great!

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I absolutely agree, and being albe to print from commandline would allow scheduling the print as well.


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This really should be done. Im sure you have the technology to do it… Simply allow an upload to the Form1+ of a *.Form file directly, from the command line. Currently the device is not very “Enterprise” friendly. Plugging in USB to upload then unplugging is great, but with a desktop pc? Having a PC, (Or Rasberry PI) connected to the USB and the network, it would be simple to “send” a .form file to the PC, and the PC to automatically send the .form file to the printer. This would make the printer far more “Admin” friendly. Looking forward to this tool.