There's an APP for that. Maybe in the future?

I’m not one to add to the cost of manufacture, but it would be nice if there was a way to transmit the progress of the build to a smart device. Would likely need to be plugged into a local network with internet access?

Sitting back at the Starbucks, ah, I mean hard at work at my station and with my smartphone I can see when I need to get back to the lab to remove my print.

The print time estimate is good, you could set the stopwatch app on a phone. Or for a few hundred you can get a DropCam and watch it remotely. Not that an app is a bad idea. It would be neat.

Good suggestion. I haven’t looked into it — but I do know that PreForm creates a ‘Print Complete’ system notification on OS X at least. I wonder if there are some applications to allow you to chain events (for example, send an email or text message when that message appears).

Of course, I know that’s not quite what you’re asking — an application would be awesome.

TXT or email would be excellent. An app would just be the cherry on top :-).

Would the PreForm need to stay connected via the USB? Not a deal breaker, just wondering how the signal gets sent to the OS X.

And of course, like many users, I’m on PC Windows 7. Does that complicate things?

You can use Growl to do that. If memory serves correctly, there is a Growl plugin that allows you to send an e-mail for whitelisted notifications.

You might be able to hack something similar with Snarl on Windows (no plugins, but you can execute an arbitrary executable file), but Preform for windows doesn’t emit Snarl messages.

Of course, adding rudimentary SMTP support and an option to send an e-mail at 50% and 100% points to Preform itself would be by far the simplest solution :wink:

Please God, deliver us from email. Amen.

Not hipster enough for you?

There’s a good reason why people use email for notifications (on routers, network attached storage, servers etc.).

Alright, let’s look at a use case. You print 15 prints today. Your email provider only offers POP service. You are emailed at 50% and 100% for each print. That’s 90 EMAILS that need deleting. 30 on your computer, 30 on your phone, and 30 on your tablet. And maybe you were even in the same room as the printer all day anyway.

Create an account on gmail just for your notifications.
Problem solved.

Time taken: 30 seconds.
Money invested: $0.

You know what would be nice if the machine would tell us if the model is building on the build platform or not.

I agree, that would be nice. There has been suggestions to monitor current usage by the peel motor to detect that as well as failing prints. But honestly I don’t think that would work near as well as expected. I kinda like the Dropcam idea. You could see everything in real time and make better decisions. But you would still need to visit the printer to cancel the print.

30 is too many too.
Another reason why abusing email technology is not a quality solution is that not all email accounts offer PUSH. Instead the phone checks the emails once per hour (more or less depending on power save settings). So users will gripe about this not even serving it’s purpose, just creating junk emails.