Small, subtle sound effects in PreForm?

I haven’t setup a dedicated printing station computer hooked to the Form. I imagine others are using their laptops as well … right now when sending a job to the print, it will start a job before the upload is complete … while uploading a particularly large build, it might take a while, and users might be doing something while it’s happening on their laptop … since PreForm is not modal, it would be nice if there was a subtle sound to indicate that the user can remove their laptop, or otherwise notify them that they can remove their computer … could also take the form a bringing PreForm app window from background to foreground … but that might be too forceful in UX considerations. Another subtle sound could be added to errors that might happen, or things that need special attention in the UI. I’m not suggesting to clutter PreForm with sound effects, but I do think it would be useful to perhaps try them out in testing for usability improvements? … CD Burning software often have them to indicate when a job is done … also sound within the bot itself … given the near silent operation of the bot, I’m not sure if it would be a pro or con to adding a “print job done” sound to the bot *hardware* … would also require a custom speaker inside the hardware … maybe v2, if at all … just a thought.

-sj (warmkomodo)