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Does Formlab plan to release an app to allow print tracking on smartphones? Its not a ‘must-have’ by any means. Sometimes, we do detailed prints that take 18-20 hours and it runs while we are away from the office. The ability to check status on my cell phone for a failed print would be convenient.

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You could log in to your dashboard on your phone to check the status of a print, I do it all the time.


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I get a text when it starts and finishes, Also I believe if it stops due to an error, however a failure may not generate and error. I also use an Arlo security camera that I can access via my phone to see the printer from anywhere in the world. Handy

Here is a response from FL on another thread. The Dashboard website allows tracking, you can access that website through a mobile web browser, you can create a home screen shortcut to that website.


Whether this is in an app or the dashboard (assuming it can’t already be done and I just don’t know how), there is a small number of events where the machine pauses itself (e.g., resin tank is empty do you wish to continue) that require user input on the display. It would be great to be able respond to that remotely so your machine doesn’t sit there waiting for a response from you.


Jeff. I agree. In order to start a new print, I find the system requests a manual inspection before starting. After a hundred prints completed, I feel an override would be nice. I could set a print that ends at 3AM to start automatically (or from a remote location) instead of manually checking it each and every print. There maybe a way to do that. If someone knows how, please post it. And yes, one can track the print from the website with a short-cut … but pretty much any software can do the same thing (aka Facebook). Apps are a nice one-touch access with the option to customize the information you need. Sometimes … just checking an 18-hr print to ensure its going well. If FL added a camera + app feature on the next machine … that’d be a great feature (IMHO).

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Plenty of DIY solutions here on the forums to remotely start a print. People have asked for this since the dawn of the Form 2 so I don’t think it is going to happen. The Form Cell has this type of feature for lights out manufacturing but that is a highly customized and automated system.

I would personally be satisfied with being able to remotely clear print errors like low resin though.

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