Camera setup for Remote Monitoring of Print & TimeLapse

This has likely been mentioned before, but for how much this printer costs, it’s a feasible feature to add in to the Form 2+ or 3 or whatever the next gen will be.

What I am requesting:

  • The addition of a camera for mounting within the enclosure to monitor the print progression. This would be a camera that you could adjust over time or even just a fixed mounted camera to check on your print while you’re away. I would love to be able to check on a 5+ hour print on the dashboard by looking at a picture or video from within the enclosure.
  • The ability to cancel your print from the online dashboard if the print is clearly and obviously failing

Reasons to do this:

  • Reduce waste of a rather expensive resin/material
  • Reduce the amount of crap you’d have to clean out of your tank if the print fails

Just a thought. Anyone else want this?


I made a video on my youtube channel (inthelab) about mounting my go pro inside the housing.
however it would just just as easy to use a raspberry pi camera to monitor your prints through your phone etc… super easy.
would it be easy for FL to integrate that, heck yes… it would cost them about 10$ in hardware costs, then its just a bit of scripting and web site integration… all very easy stuff…

its a good idea

Do you have a link to that video? I tried searching your channel and could not find it.