Formlabs App with internal camera similar to Makerbot

Honestly I love my Form 2. It would be even better with a camera and accompanying app that would allow me to keep up with my print project in real time.

An even BETTER option than Makerbot would be for that camera to have the ability to do time-lapse photography that could capture non-skipping video of your build being extruded from the liquid. A simple timer that only took pictures of the object once/layer would do nicely I think.

Anyway, again great product. Since you’re asking for upgrades here’s my .02



A camera is a neat idea, but probably not something that’s in the sweet spot for a FL printer user demographic and so, unlikely to be offered as a F2 upgrade. If you want this, though, your best bet is to get yourself a small webcam and stick it to the inside front/bottom of the cover, facing the resin tank. I’ve done that exact thing once or twice myself. But ultimately I decided it wasn’t worth the effort. If I’m anywhere near the printer I can just look at it, and if I’m remote and the printer screws up, there’s nothing I can do about it except fret that I can see the print has failed. So the camera amounted to not being of much practical value and I scrapped the idea.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

We’ve done time-lapses before where the shot only occurs after the peel movement so the print appears continuous. Setting up the backend for that was a bit tricky but the final videos look pretty neat.

I have a camera pointed at my FDM machine (they have a greater propensity for combustion…) and I’ll forward your suggestion to our team so that we can look into it.

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You can use a wifi/ethernet cam. I use 6 Foscam C1 on 6 Ultimaker 2+. I need to use one for the Form 2