Tray usage tracking in the Dashboard

I’d appreciate a running total of ml resin used for each individual tray.

As in: current tray for “this” resin has “this many” ml of printing on it. Much more useful to know when a tray is at or above 1 liter of usage. Better than knowing how many trays I’ve used vs. how many I’ve ordered.


I’d like to second this motion. I have about 15 trays…many of them i honestly don’t remember if I have 200ml or 2,000ml of use through it.

  • Kevin

could put a rfid tag on it so you can track the tank usage even if you take it out and leave it in a cabinet fora month

I 'spose. But adding a layer of technology is just one more thing; I’d rather the existing software did a bit more and leave me to do real work.

In the meantime, a post-it note, and a pencil. Shazaaam!