Form 3 - "Material used" is inaccurate

I just ran out of grey resin today. The dashboard says I’ve only used 0.6L of the 1L grey resin.

Presumably a full tray does not have 0.4L of resin in it? I’m a little surprised the printer did not flag my print as too big, as it stopped printing with the not enough resin complaint, before the first layer was deposited.

The request element of this would be to have some sort of useful “Material Used” meter. At present, what does “Material used” count? My guess is it only counts cured resin, i.e. there is no gauge measuring the actual flow of resin out of the resin containers.

My tanks do the same - my most recent said it was full no matter how much I used it…till it said it was empty.

The tank does actually hold about 400ml resin I believe

Thanks, that could explain it.

If so, then perhaps the “material used” title is a bit of a misnomer. Presumably it should be “liters of resin cured from this tank”.