Mapping Used Area on Trays

I take a screen shot before printing and stack the images using 10% opacity in Pshop. I use this to see where each tray (different Pshop files for each) has been used and where fresh areas are on the silicone. It would be helpful to have a feature like this built in.


It would indeed. I actually spec’ed out a few ways this could be done with the Form, but it would involve a new machine… along with associated hardware and software costs … or an upgrade that might void a warranty. From a business stand point, I don’t think Form would put this high on the implementation list. After all, they want you to buy more tanks. It’s part of their business model (i.e. consumables). What you are doing is a good stop gap for optimal tank usage … I do believe on some higher end industrial 3-D FDM printers they actually do exactly this with their build plates (which are consumables). I can’t recall if they are ID tagged, or if the system just autodetects a removal and resets the software. This feature would be useful in hobbyist FDMs as well, but I’m not sure if it exists in any software offering (yet).

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