Translucent white resin?

I need to print parts in a very light white translucent finish. Has any one tried adding the white pigment from the colour kit to the clear resin with any luck? Or mixing the white resin with the clear? Or any other ideas like some thing after printing and curing?

Durable has a translucent white color.

Rigid too.

To complement @Sculptingman and @JohnK42’s answers :

Both of these resins are translucent but its far from being “very light” even at very low thickness.

I don’t know anything about the colored resins but if they are indeed pigments and not just dyes it might just work to ass a tiny bit of white pigment to a clear resin… except there not word AFAIK on the fact that Colored and Standard are chemically identical. We know however that all standard resins (clear, white, black, grey) are similar enough that they can be mixed together so : with that in mind I would rather try to mix White and Clear, make sure it’s a somewhat homogeneous mix and try with that.

As for post-processing, Clear could be very lightly sand-blasted or maybe sanded with just the right grain size to give it a lightly frosted look… There are also mate white/mate clear lacker finished that could be used but managing a “light translucent white” this way may prove challenging.