'Track your Order' doesn't work on European Store

I made an order for a new resin tank on 30th May that would ‘ship immediately’!

You can’t track it from the European Store as this tool doesn’t work on the website anyway…So I had to raise a ticket #37945 and get on the ‘raise a ticket merry-go-round’ to find out where my resin tank is. Avi was ‘looking into it’ on the 12th June but it is now the 17th June and still haven’t heard from him…not quite within 24hrs.

I will say it again, a support center without a telephone number is not a support centre…

As another observation of the support centre I am trouble shooting my print failures and it took 12 days to respond between one inquiry…again not quite ‘within 24hrs’…

I was thinking to order one from the european store as well. Keep us informed :slight_smile: …another question: Will this be already the new orange tank or just the clear version?

Hi Marcus will inform this thread when I have any news.

I ordered the tank before the Form 1+ was announced (don’t get me started on the Form 1+ subject it shows that Form 1 was a beta…anyway) so I guess I will be getting the older clear version eventually…yes I too would prefer the new one but it has already taken 17 days and I still haven’y got the old tank version which is supposed to ship immediately !!!

Simon, we do our best to respond to inquires as quickly as possible. We do not have phone support at this time because we lack the capacity to offer this service properly.

I know that delays are frustrating, but will have have your problem sorted asap.

Hi Marcus I was just contacted by Jenny at UK customer service (a company called Express I think that works on behalf of Formlabs that will be the European store?) and she apologised and said the courier had lost my package but that she was sending out a replacement that will be with me tomorrow.

She also told me that they hold stock for all parts and will be doing repairs/upgrades so I guess this is the location for the European Store?

My tank will be a clear one.

Hope this helps.

Was able to track my parcel with the provided tracking number on https://www.dpd.co.uk/tracking/tracking.do