Toxic? Where to put printer?


so- you’re saying that the formwash releases IPA fumes when NOT in use or not even open?

How long does it take for all the IPA to evaporate? Or enough that you need to top it off to wash more parts?


There are no gaskets on the lid. They did tests and determined gaskets didn’t make much difference. I’m willing to bet that’s because the lid is so lightweight and there’s nothing really pushing against the gasket to create a seal.

Original Form 1 rinse buckets had great clip-on lids with silicone[?] gaskets that created a perfect seal. Unfortunately the gaskets would degrade over time after lots of exposure to alcohol. The latest Form 2 manual rinse buckets have lid gaskets which I think seal decently when using the clip-on lids but don’t do much when you use the convenient, flip-up lids integrated into the station. They help a bit, but are not as effective. The Form Wash abandoned gaskets altogether. Some users (including myself) do find it evaporates quicker than expected - you have to top it off regularly.

Hope that answers your question!


i have the wash station with the flip up lids- the gaskets seal them well enough that I can’t smell any IPA at all when they are closed and I have seen zero evaporation.

but there is a LOT of fumes whenever I am using the thing, and while the parts are drying out.


This guy hit the nail on the head! The real question I wanted to ask is “Would the wife be able to smell it?”


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That’s the one I got :slight_smile:
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As several have mentioned, the form 2 needs to be in a dust free environment. Do not let anything blow dusty room air on it or it will eventually stop working well.

And I agree with all who have said the IPA is the real problem. My Formwash IPA evaporates at an alarming rate. It is not sealed at all and can be smelled when you enter the room. IMO, if you do not print every week then the static IPA evaporation from the formwash will far exceed the IPA evaporation from actual part washing.