Tough 2000 and formwash 10 minutes + 10?

Hello. I am a bit lost with the 10 + 10 minutes. I have a formwash to clean the parts.
What does 10+10 mean in the wash time recommandation?
a) I preclean for 10 minutes without the formwash (bucket) and I do 10 minutes in formwash?
b) I do 10 minutes in formwash I let dry and I do 10 minutes again
c) I dont care and 10+10 = 20 I do 20 minutes.

Many thanks for your advice

Christophe Hentsch, Geneva Switzerland

It does look a bit confusing. The Using Tough 2000 resin article says:

Wash Tough 2000 Resin parts in isopropyl alcohol (IPA) for two washes of 10 minutes each. The Form Wash agitates the alcohol bath and removes parts from the bath after a set time.

Do not leave Tough 2000 Resin in IPA for more than 20 minutes. Leaving parts in IPA too long may cause the parts to become flexible and weak.

Personally I’d say any of your options a through c will work fine.

If you’re using the manual finish kit instead of the Form Wash, and have two rinse buckets, put it in the “prewash” one for 10 minutes then the “wash” one for another 10.

I’ve done lots of Tough 2000 parts for 20 minutes straight in my Form Wash (I think that was the old guidance) and they’ve come out fine. I often give them a quick hand-rinse afterward with a spray bottle to remove some more tackiness, although I find they always stay a bit tacky until post-curing is complete. Of course if the parts have thin walls or very delicate features you’ll want to reduce the amount of time in IPA (and maybe that’s a case where you’d want them to dry in between?).

Hope this helps, and if anyone has more details on what motivated their change in advice to two separate washes I’d love to hear.

Many thanks for your detailed answer. Reading your text and thinking about it, I think I will go for an intermediary solution :slight_smile: I will start by doing a fast manual cleaning in my manual cleaning tank (5 minutes) and after having removed some resin with this “dirty” bath, I will transfer for 15 minutes in my “clean” Formwash.

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