Ipa wash for tough 1500

does anyone know how long to let your tough 1500 parts soak in the standard two tub IPA bath? I’ve left my parts in for 7 minutes each, and they still are a little sticky after curing.

We use ultra sonic baths.
3 baths. One dirty, 1 medium dirty, one claen.
3 minuts in each baths.


  1. 3 min in a bath with US ON.
  2. Part out/ in the bath 20 times
  3. Let drip for 20 seconds
  4. Next bath

The parts come slightly sticky. After 20 min in our high energy UV chamber, the surface is cured and perfeclty smooth.
Great material.

Part out/in the bath twenty times? I’m confused on that one. What ultra sonic bath are you using/ does it pose a hazard with isopropyl?

We are using 2 ltrs single cell ultra sonic stainless steel machines.
I have done flammability tests on the bath with/ without ultra sound ON, no difference. You’d have to test this for yourself as it is very important to make sure that your configuration does not pose a risk of flash fire.
Instead of agitating the alcohol, we move the parts out/ in the bath. The liquid movement is enough to wash the resin off.