Totally unhappy with my Form 2

Hey Kevinduhe, yeah I thought the same thing and inside the triangle part it has issues there as well. But it cant be that the mirror is dirty as it is all over the place and in similar parts. Not sure if there is a setting in the form 2 that effects the arm, or helps with these issues?


Have you tried printing Formlabs standard test rook?

Since the butterflies came out so poorly, I don’t think it would be worth the waste of resin to try the rook.

I didn’t make the connection when I looked at the picture that almost the same parts were missing in all of the butterflies. There are no settings that I am aware of that can fix that. Unless it has to do with some kind of haze on the mirrors or glass that could be cleaned off. Maybe that’s why the larger, more solid parts of the butterflies printed and the delicate arms failed.

Well since the butterflies all fail in pretty much the same area, I think its worth testing something that is known to print well.

@Spark, can you post pictures of the PreForm layout of these models? That might help us troubleshoot as well.

My earlier problems with my Form 2 were all from the “unsupported islands” issue. I’ve gotten quite religious about going through the stepper before every print, and PreForm does not always add them perfectly. It’s pretty good, but not perfect. And those pesky unsupported islands would result in flakes of resin floating in the tank that would destroy the rest of the layers. I got tired of filtering resin, so I got better at finding the unsupported parts.

I would have also tried printing the zombies with the base flat. I can see where they might have had unsupported overhangs. Also, do you have Dropbox? I saw you used WeTransfer on an earlier post. Would you be willing to share the PreForm file and let someone take a look at the slicing?

Beautiful work, by the way. My husband is a zombie author (Bobby Adair), so we see a lot of zombie things…these are amazing. Did you do them in Zbrush?

Just a guess: are the wing tips rotated towards the front and back of the printer? This looks like peeling forces interacting with the part.

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Hey Katkramer, I used the default test of the butterflies so did not change anything from how they were set up. On the zombies I tried both printing the base flat, and then tried at an angle with no luck what so ever. I also tried a smaller size in case the weight was pulling it from the base platform. I unfortunately cannot share as this work is under NDA and really was something that I set up quickly to test out. I am slowly setting up things I have done for 3d prints, but it is taking me quite some time. Thank you for the compliments on my work, and yes they were done within zbrush (you can check out more of my work at if you would like) Checked out your husbands work, I will have to read these:) I did get an update from Formlabs that I need to send in my printer for a fix, so hopefully they will find out what is wrong.



Hey Fantasy2, I kept it exactly as they have the test print set up, so not sure if changing things would help. But I have done many prints, and rotated the pieces with no luck. Thanks for the response, and if you want to take a look at how they are laid out I would be curious if you see an issue.


If you haven’t done so already, you should definitely get in touch with our support team. The butterfly test print shouldn’t be failing and they’ll help to troubleshoot. You should link this thread in your support ticket as well as your PreForm and Firmware versions as that should help to speed things up a bit.

Thanks, @spark! I’m really happy with my printer, so I’m hoping you will get everything worked out.

We’ll follow your progress on this…please keep us all posted! I checked out your website, and OH MY GOD! What talent you have!! Even the Disney drawings are absolutely beautiful. Analog and digital…you’ve got it covered. Nicely done.

Hey Katkramer, very happy to hear your printer is doing well:) Mine is on its way back, and I should hopefully be up and running soon. I will make sure to post my first print within here once I do, and thank you very much for the kind words on my work!

Take care


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