Precision and tolerance of a formlabs 2

I did not seem to find anything about “Precision and tolerance” in manuel of the FL2.
Is there is anyone who knows anything about it?

i can see layer thickness but I need to know + - 0.5 or ?

The minimum layer height will vary by material but all of our resins can print as small as 50 microns and some like Castable will produce layers as small as 25 microns.

As far as dimensional tolerances, we measured that by printing a model and then scanning it afterwards to see the deviation between the printed and designed model. You can see the comparison at the bottom of our Castable resin page. 93% of the model falls within 100 micron dimensional accuracy.

Just to add my observations to Frew’s comment.

The accuracy will vary a little depending on part orientation, supports and thickness. This makes it hard to say plus and minus X. Even post cure can move things around some if you’re not careful.

With that said, I’ve made plenty of functional parts that needed slight press fits and accuracy (gears). If you find the machine is off a little Formlabs has built in user calibration features for X & Y.

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Thanks >Frew and FredB :slight_smile:

The reason for my question is just, what I can to offer to my clients regarding precision for SLA 3d printed injection molds.