Tips for the vaccum etc Fuse 1 environment

Hey everyone.

We currently have 3 Fuse 1 series printers along with 1 sift.

We just moved to new facilities and im curious on how others have the setup spread out in your rooms.

Our initial setup is the 3 printers face the sift so the vacuum can reach all printers. However, knowing how airbourne the nylon powder is im thinking of using that same vacuum for the entire room.
That becomes a bit tricky since the earthcable and the powercable for the vacuum has to come along for the cleaningprocess of the entire room wich makes it a bit tiresome having to roll em up everytime. I plan on doing a daily vacuum of the entire room and mopping the floors.

If you run a similar setup. How have you solved this?

I know there are empty cable windings so that is one option im looking into.

Thanks in advance and have a good week.