Tiny skeleton - first print

This was part of a nesting doll I sell in shapeways ( https://www.shapeways.com/shops/afdesigns) ive added a comparison to the shapeways printed version.

Really happy and surprised  how the Form 1 handled this.  This is very small, detailed, and fragile.  I printed this about 8 times with some failures but that was me just messing around with settings to get a feel for what worked.  In the end id say its about 95% of the way there to the results of the way, way more expensive shapeways print and printer (about $8 to the 60 cent cost of a form1 print).

Photos really dont do it justice, it look really great in person.

Really happy with my printer! (ProudTapir)



-size comparison (dime)

-next to shapeways version

-.025 left .05 right (not a huge difference but definitely more detail in the guitar strings and teeth/nose)

-latest settings