First Print experience very good, 3 Wheel vehicle

I was determined to have a good first experience with this printer so I paid special attention to everything. I had followed Formlabs since their Kickstart program, read about the problems people had with this printer and made sure to control the things within my control. This was doubly challenging as I was also going to be printing my first 3d design, having just started learning Rhino (Beta version on the Mac).

I was extremely happy with the results!


My very first print:

Production Run:

Love the printer, amazed at the detail. This was not apparent when I first looked at the print as I printed in clear but once painted the wheel rim details popped out. I admit I got excited.

I have found that the prints have “artifacts”, like rays or ripples that slightly detract and require work to sand smooth. I have printed about 10 things to date, it will be interesting if I see the degradation in quality some have reported. I will be looking closely.

Second project was this vase:

I hope people find these as inspiring as I found with what others have created!


For some parts like the canopy you may want to try printing the part in it’s side. Prints that are near vertical will have a better surface and need less hand finish. I use this technique when I want to have a decent finish without the added time of a fine resolution.

The wheels are impressive. You might see even better results on those with the black resin.

Thanks for the tip, i need to print another canopy anyway as I cracked one polishing it.

Hello Everyone.New to the forum…Just wanted to Share some of our first prints for our dental lab here in new York…
We made implant dental models to fit

high precision titanium milled parts…Models were printed at 50 microns and we have already done a few dental restorations with them with amazing feedback from dentists and patients. STL files were created from intra oral digital scanners done in the dental office…
The results have been amazing…If someone has questions and needs tips we are happy to provide feedback…


Hello Rocio_German

What software do you use to make models and which brand of analogous?

Best regards.

3 shape model builder for models… And the analogs are made by elos medtech for nobel biocare implants

Hi, i am new here. Also have a lab and looking for an affordable 3d printer. I am curious what is your experience with this printer since this post. Would you mind sharing some information? I am curious about the reliability and accuracy of the printer, as well if you made any calculations about the cost of producing this models. Is it possible to hollow the models?Have you tried to print cast partial dentures or other dental things (splints, crowns etc) ?

Thank you!


I am planning to buy form 2 for dental application.
Is form 2 capable of printing castable bridges and crowns?
Or would you suggest some other printer?
Thank you,


Did you print these flat to the build plate (without support)? They look awesome!

Do you know if 3shape is available for purchase, if I want to buy only the software?

So far so good o. We print at 50 microns and have not had any issues with accuracy or remakes. The cost of upper and lower quadrant comes up to 4 dollars total (including cleaning and waste) for grey resin

We have also printed frames and crowns in castable resin and invested in microstar investment.they turned out excellent, Just make sure you cure castable resin in uv light fully for a few hours before investing in order to avoid miscast.

I printed them with supports and later cleaned them. 3 shape software is bundled with their scanner so you gotta have at least a d 500 model