Shapeways Extreme frosted detail vs Form 1?

I’m so curious as to the comparison I’ve ordered a bunch of small prints at the cost of £30! :open_mouth:

Unfortunately they will take around 3 weeks to get to me, though in the meantime I can get some F1 prints done for comparison.

Has anyone else tried EFD prints? I like the fact that the supports are wax and melted off. One thing that ruins fine detail on small objects printed on the F1 are the resin supports.

I had parts printed from Shapeways in various materials including the clear frosted. Besides having no control on how the part is printed and having horrible build lines on my parts when they came back and the brutal wait to be disappointed.
Besides all that I think the form1+ has better resolution.
Been over a year since I last used Shapeways, not sure how much they improved.

Oh really? :frowning: Yeah kinda regret the order now, especially considering the postage was £10! Ah well I’m still interested to check the quality of their prints. Extreme frosted is meant to be awesome, so we shall see :wink:

Guys I got my shapeways prints. Verdict is the quality is very nice, though maybe not as nice as the Form 1 prints when performing at its best. Also the Form1 prints feel stronger than this EFD material. I noticed areas on my F1 prints were much sharper and smoother.

Main advantages to shapeways is the support structures are wax and melted off, so detailed areas on small parts are not messed up by resin supports. However the waxy/oily substance on the surface will need to be removed somehow befor any painting which could be tricky.

My advice is if you are having trouble printing something with high detail and the supports are getting in the way of that detail then Shapeways is a good alternative. Though beware the postage is around £10, but if you are a first time customer than you can find a coupon code on the net to get £10 off :wink:

Overall my Form 1 clear resin prints (when printer was brand new and working optimally) are much better quality and strength wise.

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Actually I think the shapeways extreme frosted detail wins the print prize for me. After going over some prints with black model primer I was blown away by the detail. I did some minor sanding to traces of build lines, though took about ten mins. The pistols and watch are EFD (the cone shape thing next to the pistol done on the F1) To get an idea of size check out my thumb :smile:

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