Three-dimensional representation in PreForm

The three-dimensional representation in PreForm looks unnatural. Maybe implement a function for perspective view like in AutoCad? The “Printbox” looks like it’s getting wider in the back.

Greetings Mirko


its called an axonometric view.

Its how engineering and machining drawings have always been done. the idea being that you could, if needed, take accurate measurements directly off of the rendering if you had to. for example… each square shown on the platform bed has the same length sides at the back of the rendering as it does at the front of the rendering.

It looks funny because you are used to things getting visually smaller with distance.

But axonometric view actually allows a rendering to show you that two surfaces are, in fact, parallel to each other… which is kind of important if you are milling a real object that won’t even exist until after you mill it.

the only problem with perspective views generated by a computer are that perspective changes depending on the depth of field and focal length of the lens. Longer focal lengths produce something closer to an axonometric view- shorter focal lengths produce something closer to a fisheye.

The thing is that you see the world thru TWO merged perspective images- that give you an impression of the world that is distorted in a football shaped way- that is, your field of view is flatter horizontally than it is vertically.

Its really hard for a computer to replicate this way of seeing the world…the closest it can come involves showing Each eye a different perspective view and letting your brain do the merging.
and that involves VR headsets- or very fast displays with shutter glasses and a whopping lot more graphics horsepower.
the hardest part of designing and sculpting digitally is that- without a stereo view- there is no way the computer can show you how the model will ACTUALLY appear to your eyes with any level of accuracy.


At first, thanks for answering.
I am from germany, that’s why my technical English quickly reaches its limits. Partially I use Google Translator. :wink:
Sorry for this, more and more I learn…
Accurate measurement - I do it by design in ACAD, less in Preform. My suggestion was just a cosmetic, so a rather unimportant. I think, the technical requirements do not have to be that high, it even works on my laptop with only processor graphics. (You can see that in the attached graphics) It just annoys me that I can not program, I would give it a try.
As I said, it’s just for the look, so not so important.

Greetings, Mirko