Thinner semi flexible resin

I would like to see a new Gray resin that is much thinner in viscosity and have the final print semi flexible which would make it more durable for mechanical parts.

@KenCitron Maybe you can make a mix of the grey resin and the flexible resin. That way you will have a semi-flexible grey resin. Not sure about the viscosity though. The flexible resin is more viscous I hear.

I might try that except figuring out what setting to use without trashing the pdms or under exposing the model seems tricky since we don’t have fine adjustments on the laser’s speed or intensity.

For a 50/50 mix I would print at 50 microns on the Grey setting to start with. If it under-cures, I would try the Black setting.

Thanks, I might give that a try.

This might be handy. Flexible is higher power than Castable I believe by looking at the print time estimate.

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Mixing the grey resin with it should lower the power required to cure the mix. I would start on the grey resin setting and then move on to black or castable.

Thats a handy little chart. Just a little timid in making $300 worth of useless goop.

Yea it is handy, I was mixing like crazy in the end to use up all my partial tanks and bottles. I wouldn’t mix much more than your print needs though just in case it doesn’t go as expected. Flexible resin might be a very different beast.