The OKOIA UV lamp ; hack anyone?

I bought the OKOIA UV nail varnish lamp, but I feel that it wasn’t the right choice.

It’s got a presence sensor which will detect an object is inserted within the curved space, and will run for 99 seconds from then.
So I need to attend it and re-launch the sequence every 99 seconds.

I could do with a separate timer to remember getting my parts out, but has anyone figured out a hack to make it run without stopping ?


Do you know how it senses an inserted object? Motion? IR? Photogate?

Hi Sigmazero !

Errr… I have no idea. If I knew what these words meant, I’d probably be fiddling with a solder iron in the innards of that thing :slight_smile:
There are two little lenses ; one on each side, and they have to be the sensor system.

But in fact, the sensing part is not such a problem. I can manage to obscure one of them, and the counter will start.
The problem is that the lights go off as soon as the counter reaches “99”.
Then, I need to remove the occultation and place it back for the counter to reset and the light to shine anew…

I was hoping that someone had already opened up the beast and had photos showing how to connect the red wire on the blue terminal, James Bond fashion, and the light would shine continuously, or something like that.

This might be possible but I would need to see the insides or a circuit diagram to figure out what to put where.

Based on your description, it sounds like a IR photogate (senses occlusion with infrared light).
You can possibly test with remote controller, like a TV remote. Next time the system times out with something in it, point the remote at each of the lenses, and see if it comes back on. If that works, it would be very easy and cheap to make a simple blinking IR LED to keep it running and even build your own timer into it.

If it doesn’t work, you could make your own turntable with it’s own timer and place your part(s) off center so the items on the spinning turn table trip the sensor on their own.

Hey, that’s two clever ideas ; pure smartness ! Thanks.
I like the turntable idea because I was planning to get one anyways.
I’ll try that.

Well, finaly, I got the courage to open up the beast, and in fact, it was easy as pie !
I just shunted the electronics linked to the sensor and display with little wires from my Arduino kit.
Now, it stays on as long as it is plugged in.


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