Post-curing box


Someone in my company made a post-curing box for me using MiroPure Propessional UV LED Nail Lampe (36W).
Problem is that this product has timer settings for 10, 30, and 60 seconds and doesn’t stay on any longer. I have to keep pressing 60 second button over and over. Is there any way to disable this timer or change the length of the timer? I was wondering if anyone made a box with similar product.

Thank you!

I cannot speak for your specific nail UV kit, but the one formlabs uses and recommends has two switches. One which has a timer (2 mins I believe) and the other is a simple on off switch.

Hello Kitahiro921,

I don’t have the same model as you, but I had the same problem, except mine were 30, 60, 90 seconds. I tore it apart only to find there was not an easy way to just switch the lights on, but in the process found a solution (at least on my model)

If I press the 30 and 90sec buttons at exactly the same time, the indicator lights for 30, 60, and 90 all light and the unit stays on until I press another button. This may work for you but the button combination may be different.

Thank you Kevin. Unfortunately, mine doesn’t have two switches, only on, and timer button.

Michael, thank you for the information! Mine doesn’t have 90 seconds button but I’ll definitely try if that method work on my lamp. Thanks!

I tried to pressing timer buttons in many ways, but it didn’t work…

Im sure its more pricey than all the Amazon/Ebay curing boxes but the Icure by Astron has the ability to cure from 10 seconds to 99 minutes

i use the one (actually two) that Kevin mention, but i have changed the lamps with leds.
the wavelength of the lamps is 365nm
the wavelength of the leds is 405nm
formlabs resin cures in 405nm so :wink:

I knew the bulbs were 365 but I never thought swapping them out. Where did u buy the 405 bulbs?

ebay is our friend my friend
i bought 8 for the 2 dryers
here is the link

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