Test of Blue-Cast: compatible and castable resin


Some casting tests with Blue-Cast (specific castable resin for F.labs: 100% compatible). Ring without finishing. Photos after the casting. We are very happy for the result. Bornout time: only 1 h!!! Super with small text and big celebration ring.


The most important seems to be curing it really well and cleaning with alcohol well. gold and silver casting come great. Thicker pieces require longer burnout at the peak temps to insure complete butnout


Cleaning can be done with normal ethyl alcohol.
One hour for gypsum, One hours for bornout: oven preheated to 850 °.
A clarification (for transparency) after message of Frew. We are not the producers of Blue-Cast. We are only consumers (we are a 3dp service) and now exclusive distributor (w.w.) after six months of testing.


but in the manual of formlabs they say anything else.did you burn it just in 2 hours?! :o


Blue-Cast is a compatible resin. We chose to use Blue-Cast resin compatible for the service. With blue cast the cycle is only two hours (1 hour for gipsum - 1 hour for bornout). After many tests we chose to resell this resin.


I am interested in trying out Blue-cast. Where is it available for purchase?


Please, for info send a mail to 3dgarage.bg@gmail.com


Second step. Ring just polished with rhodium plating


is blue-cast originally for b9 3d printer?

I almost have this worked out

BlueCast is designed, developed and tested to formlabs 3d printer. Not for other.


I should receive mine in a few days, I will post my results


Hi folks,

Received my bluecast yesterday.
I casted 5 items since then, all perfect, using the following procedure
Dental Investment ( Wirofine by Bego)
Shock Heat procedure ( direct at 900° after 30 minutes rest)
Cast after 1 hour.

I print everything using grey settings, ( cast V2 was overcuring the resin)Blue Cast Photos

Works great until now


Thanks David for the feedback. We are happy that you have positively evaluated our BlueCast resin. In the images another work of a BlueCast direck user (Bornout cycle: 1 hour at 870 °, no UV postcuring, gold 18 kt). No cracks, or defects: Congratulations Carol. For information on Blue-Cast resin (compatible and specific for formlabs 3DP form) write to 3dgarage.bg@gmail.com



Is the 850 degrees celcius or fahrenheit? does this burnout work for kerr satincast?




Celsius. We have tested this burnout with Satin Cast, Plasticast, Optima Prestige, Omega and more.

Casting jewellery

Hi guys,

we are manufacturer of BlueCast resin sold exclusively by 3D Garage.

BlueCast is the result of 3 years of research about perfect mix of castability, structure, detail and price.

Anyway we believe that nothing is so perfect not to be improved, this reason we are here lo listen your needs and answer to your questions.

About fast burnout as asked;

  • wash your patterns with alchool (90% ethilic or IPA) quickly and dry with air
  • repeat at least the washing & drying 3 times
  • allow residual alchool to dry at air, 10 minutes is ok
  • UV postcuring in unnecessary, can help if you cast filigree pattern to harden them avoiding flex during investment pouring
  • prepare casting sprues as for ordinary wax, no exotic sprues or bigger diameter are required
  • coat model with PTFE spray (optional, but strongly suggested for gypsum bonded investment)
  • leave investment undisturbed for at least 1H (top quality is overnight, of course)
  • heat oven at 850 Celsius for Optima Prestige, Plasticast and Omega+, 780 for Satin Cast and standard investments
  • put cylinder into oven, position does not really matter, we put horizontal for 20mins to allow steam exit and after cone up
  • after one hour drop down to casting temperature.

On very big patterns/cylinders we suggest up to 4 hours burnout.

Any doubt, just ask!


We are releasing shortly castable resins for DLP UV, DLP high pressure lamp and low power DLP such as Project 1200/Miicraft.
Follow 3D Garage FB for news.


looks really very good.
sounds attractive to try


Another casting test with BlueCast. Silver 925 . Design by “Crazer”.