Supports miss after 5mm

I just has this weird print issue: some of the supports went missing after 5 mm od printing. Eventually the whole piece was printed, with a bit rough surface. Even stranger, i did another piece in the same printing session and it came out 100%.
Info: grey resin, Form2, Preform 3.24.2, supports automatically done by Preform. resin just filtered, I use heatmap to find cleanest place on tray.

Please can someone tell me why this nis happening anmd how to prevent it?

Hi @Flutelab,

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to see that your most recent print had a defect. Since this only happened to one part on the build platform, my guess is that there is some sort of optical contamination localized to that spot. However, since it then is able to print in that same area later on in the print, it was either a piece of debris floating in the tank that obstructed the laser or something else is at play.

I would advise opening a ticket with our Support Team and including the photo (and any other relevant ones with other angles) and the .form file so that our agents can help you troubleshoot this further. You will be in very good hands!

I will, thanks

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