.stl file resolution for 0.050 and 0.100 mm. prints

Hey gang,

I’ve noticed that the default “fine” resolution setting for exporting .stl files in SolidWorks are giving me facets on my curved surfaces in my most recent print (0.100 mm print setting).

The export settings allow me to pick custom resolutions parameters. Either deviation and angle (whatever that means) or max facet size. Of course setting these values for increased resolution greatly increases my file size.

So can someone recommend an .stl resolution setting that takes full advantage of the Form 3 printers layer resolution?

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I have no trouble with Fusion360. It’s “High” quality export uses a “Surface deviation” of 0.003974mm. Normal deviation is 10
Maximum Edge Length is 79.2986mm
Aspect ratio is 21.5.

I don’t know if these specifications will corollate with Solidworks.

I use Binary output, Custom resolution with Deviation tolerance 0.00135651mm (slider about 5 from end, not an exact number), Angle tolerance 5 deg, with show and preview ticked. That worked for me (of course the files are larger), but probably best to experiment a little!



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